A propos de CD Archive 1.0

Cette déscription est de Logiciels PC n°15, Septembre 2000. LPC a publié la version 1.019.:

La déscription du CD Archive, qui se trouvait dans Logiciels PC n°15

Lisez aussi le texte anglais, parce qu'il y a quelques nouvéautes depuis version 1.019:

If you have lots of CDs or other Media, like DVDs, Zips, .. you will have problems to find a file or program you are looking for on these CDs / DVDs ...
CD Archive helps you to get an overview of your Data:
CD Archive saves all directory and file names of your CDs or other Drives. If you are looking for a file or program, just enter it in the Program. CD Archive will search for the file(s) and say you on which CD and path it is situated.
Insert every CD one time in your drive and let CD Archive read the file tree. From then on, you won't have to insert every CD to look which files are on it.

Furthermore, CD Archive can generate HTML files from your archives since version 1.035.

New features:

This program is shareware. You may download it and test it for a period of 30 days. If you want to continue to use the program after this period, you must register.

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